Dopamine Detox on NION Radio with Nick Onken
Posted by Nick Onken | May 27, 2020
190: Dopamine Detox

“We get addicted to scrolling, to checking Facebook, to checking our text messages, to the point where we are actually doing nothing.” Today I want to dive into something that I’m calling The Dopamine Experiment. I had never done it before, but now I've done it a few times over the past couple of weeks...

Jim Kwik on NION Radio with Nick Onken
Posted by Nick Onken | April 29, 2020
189: Jim Kwik – Becoming Limitless

"If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them." Today's exciting episode was produced in conjunction with the magazine Undo-Ordinary, and we have an exceptional returning guest, the fabulous Jim Kwik. We last did a podcast episode with Jim about four or five years ago already, so we were thrilled to sit him...

Aaron Doughty on NION Radio
Posted by Nick Onken | April 8, 2020
188: Aaron Doughty – Channeling Your Creativity

“A lot of spiritual awakening is questioning reality.” Hello everybody! I am sending my sincerest wishes that you are all happy and healthy and safe wherever you are in this big beautiful world of ours! I know it is a super stressful time for all of us and so I wanted to share an amazing...

From Survival To Creation with Nick Onken
Posted by Nick Onken | March 25, 2020
187: Coronamania: From Survival To Creation

“We have to learn to assess what is, shift our perspective, move forward, and do what we can to help other people.” Today I want to talk about what is happening now: the Coronapocalypse! Things are not as they once were. I have been seeking ways to live a deeper and more soulful life for...

Posted by Nick Onken | March 13, 2020
Resources for the Coronapocolypse

What’s the balance between being realistic and feeding the fear mongering? I spent half the day yesterday educating myself on the current state of the #Coronavirus as I was in LA Wednesday all La di da, then came back to NYC, and dropped into what felt like pandemonium This was me yesterday: I think it’s...

You Are Not Your Human with Nick Onken
Posted by Nick Onken | March 11, 2020
186: You Are Not Your Human

“Maybe this should be called ‘Living Your Meat Suit.’” This week we are continuing to unpack the list I made towards the end of 2019 on the 21 Things I Learned This Year. Our last episode was on the healing power of psychedelics and this really led me into a space of deeper understanding on...

The Healing Power of Psychedelics
Posted by Nick Onken | February 26, 2020
185: The Power of Psychedelics

“I was on this rocket ship out of my body and into the universe and I found myself amongst the stars.” This week we're going far out, guys. As you probably know by now, I did a podcast episode at the end of last year about the 21 Things I Learned This Year. This year,...

Todd & Tara Youngblood on NION Radio
Posted by Nick Onken | February 19, 2020
184: Todd & Tara Youngblood – Chilling Your Way to Better Sleep

“So much of the population just doesn’t care enough about sleep.” This week's episode is all about one of my favorite pasttimes: sleep! I am super stoked to talk about this topic because I am all about hacking my sleep. I sat down with Todd and Tara Youngblood, a married couple from Charlotte, North Carolina...

This Too Shall Pass with Nick Onken
Posted by Freedom Podcasting | February 12, 2020
183: This Too Shall Pass

“If you’re going through a dark time, know that this, too, shall pass.” While making this podcast, it has been good practice for me to step out of my comfort zone and I am actually really enjoying working on these subconscious blocks that I have always around public speaking. And that makes me really happy....