223: Burning Religion and the Witches, Part 2


“In this moment, are we bridging our own gaps?” – Rev. Briana Lynn

Today I continue my conversation with Reverend Briana Lynn. Last week we discussed unraveling religion from society and culture and how to avoid the pitfalls of leadership.

In this episode, Briana shares how she came to be at peace after having spent so much of her life trying to escape her own body. She argues that art is anything we interact with or participate in. She and I also discuss the importance of both celebrating the kink in each of us and avoiding the guru-fication of the self. 

Listen in as we talk about learning to be okay with things as they are while also striving for personal growth.

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“The battle or the journey that we all have…is about bridging the persona and the person.” – Rev. Briana Lynn

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How does Briana define identity alchemy [4:00]
  • What are the dangers of adopting a persona to mask your personhood [5:54]
  • How to close the gap between persona and person [14:29]
  • When is judgment healthy [22:27]
  • How does Briana Lynn define narcissism [30:08]
  • Ways to work through Narcissistic Personality Disorder [33:31]
  • Can judgment be a good thing [39:58]
  • How to create from a place of self-expression [42:17]
  • Final takeaways from Briana [45:49]

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