219: Activating Your Divine Creative Flow with Kaia Ra


“I’m really interested in activating a collective sovereign awakening in this lifetime for humanity.” – Kaia Ra

Hello, my friends! Welcome to another episode of Onken Radio (previously NION Radio), the podcast where we explore the body, mind, and soul of the creative entrepreneur. It’s my goal to help you take your divine creativity, business, and life to the next level. I’m so glad you’re joining me on this journey!

Today, I’m excited about my special guest Kaia Ra, the author and channeler of The Sophia Code, a fantastic book on activating your higher self and consciousness through the works and knowledge of the ascended masters. I’m excited to talk about channeling divine creativity and getting out of the way for even more creativity to flow through you. 

This podcast is all about consciousness, creativity, and exploring their intersection. Here’s a quick taste of what’s to come from my interview with Kaia Ra:

I discovered at an extremely early age that creativity is a state of mind. It’s not about an artifact. It’s not even about an action. It’s about tuning into how your consciousness can download solutions in any moment, whether it’s traumatic or blissful — and everything in between.” – Kaia Ra

I’m excited to have her on the show to discuss her teachings, the various courses she offers, and even her activated pieces of jewelry she creates with the different ascended masters. As a multidisciplinary creative, I’m excited to share her wealth of knowledge and unlock the spiritual tools to tap into our divine creativity with you. 

Let’s jump straight in!

Who Is Kaia Ra?

Kaia Ra started life in perhaps the most traumatic way: Human trafficking at an elite level. 

She and other children were trafficked for their talents, psychic gifts, and creativity. So began a very painful journey of recovering from slavery to sovereignty of what divine creativity could be for her.

“I believe a lot of compassion was generated along that healing journey for anyone that’s ever struggled with creativity because I know what it’s like to feel so painfully vulnerable in accepting the gifts of my own creativity and being seen in them. I believe that’s a pretty universal feeling for a lot of people that have survived being on this planet. … The pain that I’ve personally experienced during creativity, I feel, is a universal pain that we’re all collectively transmuting together.” – Kaia Ra

Kaia Ra spent about seven years in seclusion and training with ceremonial elders during her thirties as part of her healing journey. She spent her time listening and getting hyper-focused on her mission. It was around ten years ago at Mount Shasta where she had a larger-than-life experience.

“All the physical reality melted down. I was [home] and went to sit on my couch to channel some stuff for a book I thought I was writing. The book got downloaded in that moment where I was taken into the light — and it was just light. I watched the physical house melt down, [and] I watched the atomic structure of reality dissolve. In that light, I was asked to channel The Sophia Code as a declaration of humanity, sovereign divinity given to us from the ascended masters.” – Kaia Ra

Thus the Sophia Code® book, which became an international bestseller within four days of publishing and became a phenomenon in 32 countries, was born.   

Her journey didn’t end there; while doing much healing around artistry, Kaia also started designing a jewelry line.

Ascended master Isis told her she would create jewelry someday, which felt crazy because she had no idea how. After a trip up Mount Shasta, a holy mountain, Kaia Ra was contacted by her now business partner about jewelry work.

The timing was incredible; years later, all their jewelry is hand carved in Bali, a country where channeling is a part of their culture. 

Let’s hear how Kaia Ra thinks about activating your divine creativity.

Learn How to Activate Divine Creativity 

Kaia Ra was seeing angels and ascended masters since childhood, and she also received visions about the future. She believes being a channel and a sacred space facilitator through her journey means advocating for humanity’s brightest future. This means she’s avoided the traditional channeling you see in Hollywood, like psychic card tricks and party tricks that are entertaining. 

“As a leader, what’s important to me is that I’m focused on channeling what is in the highest and best good for activating everyone into their psychic gifts [and] their highest sovereign potential, and [finally] their greatest healing journey. That’s what I’ve done by channeling all of these curriculums in our Mystery School, channeling the book, [and] channeling at live events. I’m always training [and] asking people to invoke their greatest gifts because I’m not interested in it being about me. I’m interested in activating a collective sovereign awakening in this lifetime for humanity.” – Kaia Ra

Kaia Ra believes we’re supposed to be operating at a psychic level and works to normalize psychic gifts, which is why she uses the word intuition. It’s a less intimidating term but essential because we’re all psychic and highly intuitive.

If we’re all functioning at high levels with all of our spiritual technology activated within our body, we would not be living in a slave matrix. We would be living in our sovereign gifts, and something spontaneous [will] arise out of that. That’s the solution that is the age of miracles that we call for that the ascended masters are asking us to birth.” – Kaia Ra

Kaia Ra does Psychic Sovereign Spiritual Leadership in-person events. Still, you can also start with one of their initial training pieces on their website, Psychic Development Training, as part of the Mystery School curriculum.

It’s not an easy path, and Kaia warns us about what is needed. 

“You have to be willing to face your trauma. If you’re not willing to heal your relationship with your body, mind, heart and life, you [won’t] be grounded enough to be an embodiment of these gifts. How is this being applied? How is this helping the world? How are you in service to others? How are you activating leadership in others? How are you activating leadership in yourself? Are you just living from one spiritual experience to another? Or are you embodying the journey of … awakening the spiritual technology within your body?” – Kaia Ra

I love that she says we need to embody the experiences rather than just finding ourselves moving from one to the next. 

The great thing about her teachings is up next, as we discuss how the very divinity you see in anyone else exists within you.

What Is Within A Master, Is Within You

Kaia Ra spoke about activating the divine genome, which she describes as a motherboard of God-consciousness. All consciousness operates off divine virtues to process reality, like a computer processing system. You can process reality through your ego structure (the trauma, wounding, and base desires) or through divine virtues of consciousness

“It’s the motherboard of your soul, and that’s why you are sovereign, even if you’re born into slavery in this world because the motherboard can override any viral programming on any planetary matrix. It’s choosing to bring the spiritual [tools] of the soul into this world through the vessel that you’ve chosen. I am choosing to bring forward the invincible light and totality of my eternal divine nature into this world.” – Kaia Ra

Many cultures have a figure representing the embodiment of what Kaia Ra speaks about. People like Jesus and Mary Magdalene show people what it looks like because most people need to see it to believe it. The Sophia Code gives people access to what is within them already.

“We go back to some of these key masters of light that we recognize as mirrors for ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, [and] we go back to their source teachings. What were they teaching? They were dedicating their whole lives and resources to that message of humanity. Any great true master you want to follow, you want to be co-creating with them, not following them.” – Kaia Ra

Wow! What a great concept — “co-creating” instead of following. It’s a beautiful piece of awareness to know that a master of light perpetually finds as many ways possible to show that what’s in them is in you

“There’s a whole thing about why we call God ‘Sophia’ and the ‘Sophia Code.’ It doesn’t matter what you call that source or God consciousness, but whatever you call it, it made you in its image and likeness. People are terrified of that because they want to think about God as something completely outside of themselves. To reach full self-realization that you are a fractal of God’s consciousness is the ultimate creatorhood responsibility.” – Kaia Ra

Unfortunately, most of us have been programmed out of taking responsibility for our creatorhood. Instead of giving others our power, we can develop our divine creativity. 

A great place to start the creatorhood journey is with healing.

The Power From Healing

Kaia Ra’s healing journey over the years made a lot of people uncomfortable because she was a hot mess and couldn’t hide it. The more she tried to hide it, the worse it became. Eventually, she had to be upfront with people.

“I can’t even explain the levels of trauma. For years I couldn’t even feel my skin; my arms felt totally frozen. Putting myself back together has taken 20 years, and through it all, it was by staying true to my own heart, not trying to make people more comfortable by being uncomfortable with myself — I was already so unbearably uncomfortable.” – Kaia Ra

Kaia Ra has been through the worst, from years of unemployment to an entire year in bed; it was allowing herself be intuitively led by her guides, angels, and her higher self that allowed her to heal. It was about trusting the quantum journey no matter what. She kept reinvesting in herself and allowing her surroundings to impact her lifestyle.

“I’m living near a park, so I’m going to run and meditate every day. Or I changed my diet, [went on a] cleanse, and every time I tapped into writing, I constantly talked to my consciousness guiding me to the next step. I had stabilized enough to create a career, both as a creative and as a psychic. I [asked,] ‘How do I confront my consciousness that was so tortured and so programmed and had to overcome so much? How do I do this?’ I know that every step I take is another step forward for helping millions of other people someday.” – Kaia Ra

Kaia was intimidated by the divine creative energy flowing through her but thankfully had the courage to pursue what gifts her creativity could bring in life.

Kaia Ra is a living example that if you follow your heart and are brave enough to do that — the rewards are huge. 

The Formula for Identity Alchemy

Kaia Ra shared so much wisdom, and I think she’s given us elements of tapping into our divine creativity to use in the formula for Identity Alchemy.

The world needs all of us to tap into our divinity, and Kaia is doing extraordinary work to help each of us co-create a world we’d love to live in. I love how she says we should not followAscended master but rather that we should co-create with them! That idea truly goes hand-in-hand with Identity Alchemy. 

Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.

With that being said, I define Identity Alchemy as the process of deconstructing who you don’t want to be in order to realize who you want to become. 

Through it, you’ll be able to identify your shadows or the things you don’t want to be true about you and shed them slowly. I believe that the deconstruction process of life and your inner world is such a huge piece of understanding who you are so that you can curate who you want to become. In general, I noticed for myself that the more inner work that I do — the deeper shadow work that I do to understand myself — the better life becomes towards the path of wholeness.

If you loved this episode, I highly recommend checking out Kaia Ra’s website and getting yourself a copy of The Sophia Code. You can also connect with Kaia Ra on Instagram

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I’ll catch you guys next time — now go live the creative lives you were meant for.

Nick Onken

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“We were bred for our gifts and specifically for our psychic gifts and creativity.” – Kaia Ra

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What was Kaia Ra’s path to creativity [3:42]
  • How to define Kaia’s psychic abilities [14:37]
  • Ways to access our psychic abilities [17:06
  • ]Tips for spiritual protection [23.45]
  • What is the divine genome [27:00]
  • Unpacking the teachings of the original masters [34:31]
  • What are some belief systems about interstellar religions [43:50]
  • Kaia’s healing journey [46:33]
  • How Kaia got started making jewelry [48:49]
  • Why is there a divine feminine and a divine masculine [54:05]

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