118: Emmanuelle Chriqui – How to Balance the Highs and Lows of a Career in the Arts

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Whatever place you are in your career, I don’t think the struggle lessens. I think it’s just a different set of struggles.

Today I’m talking to Emmanuelle Chriqui. You might know her as Sloan on the hit show Entourage, or from the film You Don’t Mess With The Zohan and In The Mix. She also just released her new show Shut Eye on Hulu.

Emmanuelle is an amazing human being, and she was willing to get really open and vulnerable on this episode. Listen in as we talk about the emotional ups and downs of being an artist, how she uses meditation in her work, her creative process, and why everyone needs therapy.

My joy is on set.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Where Emmanuelle’s passion for acting came from [5:25]
  • How she sustained herself in LA [13:00]
  • What you need to get through the ups and downs [15:10]
  • How meditation has helped her [16:10]
  • When Emmanuelle started doing hypnotherapy [18:00]
  • Why the struggle is worth it when she steps on set [22:40]
  • The importance of knowing that there’s enough art for everybody [26:00]
  • What is Emmanuelle’s creative process like [27:35]
  • How she gets in the flow on set [32:50]
  • How Entourage changed her career [35:10]
  • Balancing the career highs and lows [40:05]
  • What are Emmanuelle’s dreams [42:45]
  • How television has changed [44:00]

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