35: Travis Brewer – How To Become A Ninja

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“I can’t let the fear of hurting myself stop me from being who I want to be.”

“Can my passion be monetized?”

I get asked this question all the time.

There are passions that are easy to monetize. If you’re passionate about finance, accounting or investing, you can easily find a paying position in these fields…

But what if you’re passionate about painting? What about history? What about shoes? These arts are traditionally considered hard, if not impossible, to monetize.

I believe today, with enough passion, inspiration and perseverance you can make a career from nearly anything.

My next guest on the show has built a career from playing on pull-up bars. He is an incredible athlete and an astonishing acrobat. Not only does he have deep insight into the lifestyle of a creative entrepreneur, but he also is a student of self-actualization. We explore all these things and more in our interview.

Thank you for downloading. Please let me introduce, the American Ninja Warrior, Travis Brewer.

“When you are living with inspiration, other people are inspired by the way that you live.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What is a ninja?
  • How Travis Brewer built a career from playing at Muscle Beach in Santa Monica, California
  • The powerful impact of self-realization work
  • How positive psychology shapes Travis Brewer’s worldview
  • Powerful stories of using Instagram to spread the message of calisthenics
  • All about the Be Somebody campaign
  • Travis Brewer’s vision for the future
  • Strategies for building a brand around your own name
  • Overcoming  knee surgery and the emotional toll of repeated injuries
  • The importance of mentorship and how to find the best opportunities
  • Standing out when seeking mentorship
  • Plus much more…



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