5 Reasons Your Inner Game Changes Everything


Over the last year and a half, I’ve been doing a lot of internal personal development work. In our culture today, Personal development or self help seems to have a negative connotation as if “something is wrong with us” In the grand scheme of things, no matter who we are, we all have blind spots we cannot see about ourselves. Blind spots that hold us back from our full possibility. The only thing that holds us back from our dreams is us, meaning our inner game. We are emotional beings, the single thread that connects us all as human beings. Emotions are what drive us, and if we can learn to steer then we can achieve greater results in our lives from deeper connected relationships, to leadership and running empires. Honing our inner game is what will take us to the top. Emotional intelligence is the most important intelligence we can have as human beings living in a relational world.

Here are 5 reasons developing your inner game changes everything:

1. More Power – Accepting that we are responsible for everything that we create in our lives we take the power to create what we want. While circumstances might not always be in our favor, we ultimately have the power to choose what we do with what we are dealt. Getting to that place in our lives can take a lot of internal work.

2. More Confidence – Self worth, and what we believe about ourselves is what drives us, and most of the decisions we make. When we believe we aren’t worth something, then we act differently. Self worth is a belief that we create, and operate from. It’s a deep lining and a lot of times subconscious thing that we don’t even think about consciously. Most of us don’t want to admit we don’t feel worthy of success.

3. Deeper Relationships – Relationships are the essence of life, and what keeps us all going. It’s what keeps us connected. We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know” Deep relationships with other people is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves, our internal relationship. The better our relationship with ourselves, the better our relationships with other people will be. The better our relationships are, the further we will get in life.

4. Less Stress – What you resist persists. We are the creators of our stress, and mostly due to not letting go of the things we can’t control. We get worked up and over think things most of the time. Overthinking is the ‘art’ of creating problems that don’t exist. aka STRESS. Letting go of these things consciously and subconsciously will lessen the stress in our lives. It’s one of the biggest things I’ve been working on in my life. It takes a lot of conscious effort.

5. Better Results – Lets face it, our lives are our results. Happiness, relationships, money, family, career, etc. etc. Our results are based off the actions we take to get those results. Those actions are based off the decisions we make to take those actions. Those decisions are based off our internal conversation/thoughts. AKA our inner game. We have around 100,000 conversations in our heads a day, and on average 80% of those conversations are negative and subconscious. If we could A: learn what those conversations are(our blind spots) and B: how to change them, we can achieve better results across the board.

Our thoughts are our inner game. If we can learn to master our thought life, we can master our lives. Shift our thoughts, and change what we attract into our lives. I have seen first hand how that’s been at play over the last year. It is some seriously deep work, but the more I’ve worked on it, the more I find myself riding the wave of synchronicity and attracting bigger things into my life. The moment you think you’ve got it mastered is the moment you don’t.

I went through an emotional intelligence and leadership training over the last couple years that is like an emotional gym to learn more about myself. It was powerful. If you’re interested in knowing more, feel free to get in touch with me.

Here are a few of my podcasts that dive deeper into strengthening your inner-game:

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