168: Why Registering Your Copyright Is Important


“Pretty much anything of yours that’s used online without your permission is considered an infringement of copyright.”

What if I told you that you may be losing tons of money from others illegally using your work? And what if you knew exactly how to get that money that is rightfully yours? Today on NION Radio, we’re talking about exactly that, why registering your copyright is important.

As a photographer, I have found my images being used in many different places without my permission. While much of it is harmless, I have found that sometimes they are being used to sell products for other companies, and as they are circumventing my normal fee, I can claim that lost revenue in court. Learn how to register your copyright for your work, why that’s important, and how you can use technology to do the hard work for you and get you paid.

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“If they’re making money on it, then I should be making money off of the work that I did.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What got Nick thinking about copyright [1:06]
  • What registering your art as copyright can do for you in the future [2:55]
  • How to get copyrights for your images [4:46]
  • Why you should use a site like Image Defenders to look for others using your work [6:26]

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