206: Maejor – Healing the World Through Music Frequency


“I have made a conscious decision to evolve without pain.”

Hello, my friends! Welcome to another episode of the Onken Radio podcast (previously NION Radio), the podcast where we explore the body, mind, and soul of the creative entrepreneur. It’s my goal to help you take your creativity, business, and life to the next level. I’m so glad you’re joining me on this journey!

Today, I’m excited about my special guest and music master, Maejor. I really wanted to have him on because he is all about frequency and healing the world through frequency in his music. He’s produced albums and songs for Justin Bieber and is also a leukemia survivor.

All these things have given him a unique perspective on life, making him a great guest to talk to about the alchemy of life. We will also share with you his mission to heal the world through frequency by creating all of his music in 432 Hertz and other healing frequencies. 

Here’s a quick taste of what’s to come from my interview with Maejor:

“I believe this year has been a rebirth in many ways for myself [and] for a lot of people. How can I use this moment in this time in the best way to give love? I’ve made a conscious decision now to evolve without pain.”
– Maejor

Maejor is a quality guy who feels deeply connected and has the greatest heart. In my opinion, I think most people that reach his level of success live in a different world — one that’s not tapped into what most people experience. What I really appreciate about Maejor is he’s still tapped in and because of that is challenging his own creativity to be a light in the world for healing. 

Who Is Maejor?

Brandon Michael Green, known by his stage name Maejor, is an American record producer, singer, and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Maejor has written and produced songs for several prominent artists in the music industry — most extensively Justin Bieber — and is half of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) duo Area21 alongside Dutch DJ Martin Garrix

In honor of Maejor’s grandmother, Edna Mae, who passed away, he used her name in the spelling of Maejor because of the closeness of their relationship and her impact on his life. 

Maejor has been producing music from the age of 17, and it’s been his focus ever since. 

“I always had a vision that I was going to do something very positive and impactful for the world — I don’t know where that came from. I just had that thought when I was a kid.”

As Maejor’s career progressed, big names started noticing him in the industry. Part of his vision for making an impact in the world was to create centers that teach underprivileged kids music. However, this plan always felt like something “down the line” that he was going to do. The success in his twenties led him to rapidly build on the momentum he was creating until he was dealt a devastating blow.

“I got leukemia when I was in my twenties. [I thought] ‘Whoa, this is pretty crazy — what does that mean?’ I never [even] knew that word, I never [even] knew what that was. My timeline switched [from] ‘something I’m going to do [in] 20 years’ to ‘who knows [if] I’m going to be around [in] 20 years?’ What could I do now?”

Maejor’s second chance has given him a different perspective on life and how to create an impact in the world using his music. It’s a great honor to bring you his story and dive into the creative process that he’s developed. Maejor’s connectedness to the world we live in and journey through spirituality made this a magical interaction.

Let’s jump straight in!

How to Remain Present

The past year has created chaos in most people’s lives, and while it’s easy to say things like “Be more present,” putting that into practice when the world feels like it’s collapsing around us is another story. Maejor shares how he remains present and what he does to create space to hear messages tapping him from the universe. 

“One thing that’s helping me is a regular meditation practice. Something about it made me realize that the growth in anything comes in the consistency and not the intensity. Before, I would [tell myself,] ‘I’m going to meditate two hours a day or an hour.’ I would try to supercharge myself into this state. Now, I do 20 minutes [twice] a day every day. By constantly putting in the intention of ‘this is where I’m headed’ and revisiting that intention daily, you’re going to make progress.”

Maejor’s focus on consistency translated into practicing piano too, previously trying to learn a song by cramming. Instead, he mimics his meditation practice and commits to an amount of time every day no matter what. 

“I’m seeing a lot of growth — my fullness and my presence are growing by that consistency, which is something that’s so easy and simple, but that’s the truth.”

I mentioned earlier that Maejor is still tapped-in even though he has attained great success — I now understand why after hearing his next daily practice.

Staying Grateful

Gratitude has been a practice of mine for a while, and I try to practice that state and live in a state of prayer and gratitude as I move through the day asking for magic. Maejor also practices gratitude daily as part of his routine.

“I wake up and [think], ‘What could I be thankful for?’ [I believe] gratitude [and] a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. … I feel like it’s the same with our lives, [and] the more grateful we are, we call blessings in.
– Maejor

Maejor is spot on, but again, hearing about gratitude sounds wonderful when things are going well — what about when things are rough? All of us struggle to find a way to be grateful for a negative experience while we are in it.

“Even through this year, finding gratitude in unexpected things is key because I was supposed to do many trips and performances. I had to think, ‘How can I be grateful for that?’ This pandemic caused me to miss [everything, but] it also gave me time to do other things. Even though [my travels] didn’t happen, thank you that I’m able to be here with you talking right now. Perhaps had those other things happened, [talking with you now] wouldn’t have happened. That may be a catalyst for many others hearing this [because] I feel the more grateful we are, the more life flows beautifully.”
– Maejor

There are no mistakes — everything is a gift, but getting to a place that creates the perspective to see that everything is a gift with gratitude is a lot of work and doesn’t just happen overnight. Tying back to what Maejor said earlier about building consistency as opposed to intensity, consistency will allow you to view past experiences with a different lens and start living out of surrender. Just like Maejor, the more I practice surrendering to the universe and the flow of magic — the more beautiful life becomes.

Maejor’s Journey With Music 

A pivotal moment was a show in Mexico City where the majority of the hundred-thousand-plus sized crowd spoke Spanish and yet people were singing in English — words that Maejor remembers writing alone in a room. 

“I knew that the music was reaching people, but to see [them singing showed me] that I’m connecting with them [even when] they don’t speak the same language. But for whatever reason, because of the power of the frequency in this music — we’re all on the same vibe right now. It led me to [realize], ‘Wow, music is a universal language.’ Traveling the world, [I watched] people dancing to music that I couldn’t speak to through words — [but] I could speak to them through music.”

Maejor’s realization began a new journey with music to make a positive impact through the words in his songs. However, putting positive uplifting words into his music had the opposite effect. Instead of helping people as he’d hoped, for whatever reason, Maejor’s sales dropped.

I was producing normal pop mainstream music you would hear on the radio, and [uplifting lyrics] wasn’t necessarily what that audience was looking for. I got frustrated with that [and] depressed and thought, ‘I have this purpose that I see so clear — to reach all these people — but when I try it’s not connecting in the same way. What is happening?’”

Maejor’s honesty here is refreshing, and just because we know what our path to create is doesn’t automatically mean it’s going to be an easy road. As we just heard — it can be more confusing and challenging than we realize. What I love about this story is that Maejor didn’t default back to what people bought and instead focused on what he could do to turn that around.

Synchronistically, Maejor started meeting scientists and different people in the spiritual community and began learning about the power of frequency and sound through a friend who was an ex-monk. Maejor’s friend taught him about the power behind each mantra and the unique frequency within designed to change your state of consciousness — it’s not just random songs. 

“I started seeing [that] sound has a lot of power. I learned about resonance, and I went to Machu Picchu with this group called Resonance Science — these ancient civilizations knew about sound therapy. Then we went to the pyramids in Egypt [where] they measured and did everything with sound frequency. I started seeing this stuff is real and I noticed that I felt almost chosen. I was in a unique spot where I was in my world of pop, rap, and electronic music and there was very little talk about these things and the effect of the sound and frequency.
– Maejor

Maejor’s travels to ancient sites where the healing impact of sound was understood gave him his next brainwave: why not use frequency in his music to connect with his audience?

“What if I could just alter the frequency of the music to give the [inspirational] message and uplift through the frequency and have lyrics that are not necessarily preaching to someone? Speaking through the music [has] been one synchronistic journey after another [as] everything keeps unfolding because I keep meeting the right people.”

Maejor is bridging the gap between the two worlds, but he respectfully says he didn’t create anything new because sound healing has been around for thousands of years. However, Maejor is a pioneer as he blends an ancient understanding of frequency with his own creative process to produce modern music. 

The Formula for Identity Alchemy

As a fellow creative, I always love to unpack what my guests’ creative process looks like, especially in Maejor’s case as he builds a song. 

“The best [songs] are downloads. It’s almost like I hear it playing in another realm, and then [I] translate it here. I really don’t take credit for it, of course, you have to spend a lot of time working on a craft to be able to take what you hear and bring it [here]. I think that all great artists are seeing or hearing something that others don’t that may be slightly outside of our range and bring it into a way that many people can enjoy it. It’s not really my creation — it’s more [like] I’m a vessel for it to exist in this realm.”

I love how he describes the process and how important it is to practice the process in order to be ready as a clearer vessel in the creation of a song. The more time we work on our creative expression and experiment — the greater chance we give ourselves to create the space for creation to move through us like a download. 

What makes Maejor’s work even more special is that the world needs to be healed by frequency. I want to take a moment to acknowledge Maejor for the big impact he’s making in the world with his music and how he is as a person. If you’d like to listen to his music or connect with Maejor you can find him on YouTube, Instagram, or his website

Thank you so much for joining me today, guys. I hope you enjoyed this episode on frequencies — if you did, please screenshot it and post it to Instagram and tag Maejor, @maejor, and me, @nickonken. And if you’ve got time, leave me a review on Apple Podcasts. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Today’s episode had extra special meaning for me because if I wasn’t a photographer, I would be a DJ. I recently started learning, and it’s been a blast getting into house music, deep house, melodic house, Afro-house and just having loads of fun. I’ve put together some mixes which you can find on SoundCloud, where all my previous podcasts are as well. 

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I’ll catch you guys next time — now go live the creative lives you were meant for.

Nick Onken

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“Messages for us are given first in a whisper.” – Maejor

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How to remain present [3:40]
  • How to set intentions [4:30]
  • How to stay grateful [7:00]
  • What was Maejor’s childhood like [22:30]
  • How to be less judgmental [26:00]
  • How to navigate your spirituality [27:00]
  • How do mantras work [35:35]
  • What can we learn from the pyramids [41:00]
  • How do sound frequencies heal [42:00]
  • What was the Music Standardization Act [46:30]
  • Do colors have frequencies [53:00]

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