48: Jayson Gaignard – How Investing in Relationships is the Key to Success

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When you hit rock bottom in life, you’ll be left with two things: the integrity of your word, and your relationships.

Surrounding yourself with inspiring people is a great way to push yourself. Creating those connections and investing in relationships can truly change the world.

That’s what Jayson Gaignard thinks, anyway. He founded the Mastermind Talks, an exclusive, inspirational event that builds community among entrepreneurs. Placing quality above quantity when it comes to his own connections, Jayson has some unique and awesome theories on how we spend our time and energy.

Find out who inspires him, how he got off the entrepreneurial “hamster wheel” to jumpstart the Mastermind Talks, and why he values his relationships so much.

This interview is stellar, and I can’t wait for you to hear it. Let’s jump in.

Amazing people become increasingly amazing over time.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Why service based businesses are hard to scale [3:40]
  • How he ended up a quarter million dollars in debt [4:45]
  • What is the connection economy [6:25]
  • How the Mastermind Talks started [6:40]
  • Why you should never tarnish your word and always invest in your relationships [10:50]
  • The success of the Mastermind Talks [11:50]
  • Why he wants people present at the event [13:30]
  • The art of curating event attendees [15:40]
  • How he dealt with being a new father [19:05]
  • The importance of having control [20:20]
  • The “design your perfect day” exercise [22:10]
  • What his morning rituals are [25:15]
  • How to use recording to overcome writer’s block [29:10]
  • The importance of tapping into your creativity whenever possible [31:25]
  • The effect of willpower fatigue and decision fatigue [32:30]
  • What it means to invest in relationships [33:20]
  • Why you should remove toxic people from your life [36:50]
  • How humans are designed to build and grow [38:45]
  • The benefit of working with people you love [41:40]
  • Why it’s a good time to start a business [43:30]
  • The independence and freedom of being an entrepreneur [44:20]
  • Why he follows the law of 33% [46:25]
  • How helping others achieve success can increase your understanding of your own [47:35]
  • How to connect with and add value to people you admire [49:35]
  • The benefit of being the biggest fan [51:00]
  • Why you should ask yourself about your motivation [53:20]
  • The importance of creating space between stimulus and reaction [54:20]
  • The models of working up the food chain and anchor tenant [56:25]
  • How to lead by example and be the best person you can be [59:15]

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