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We are stoked to announce the release of my new HALO necklace collection which we did in collaboration with Made In Earth crystals. The piece was created when I worked on a custom piece with the Bunny the founder.

The idea is behind the HALO collection is that it is meant for you to embody the meaning of the stone as a “halo” around you.

The brand’s first ever collaboration sees the powerful creativity of Nick Onken and Made In Earth’s creative director, Bunny Bedi, work together to create The Halo Collection. The collection features handcrafted sterling silver pendants available in 6 different natural gemstones, each with their own healing properties.

The concept of a halo as an invisible energy that floats above us to protect and guide us like a guardian angel is what inspired the gemstone choice for this collection. Each stone can provide an energy to the wearer; whether it be for protection, love, motivation, new beginnings, an energy boost or positive vibes.

Each stone represents a different meaning listed below. Choose the one that resonates with you. Click to purchase!

Labradorite: Lets Get This Show On The Road!

What does it take to be a visionary? Well, dollops of imagination, some great ideas, the clear blue sky of intuition and power of rational thought!

I help you realize your dreams and your potential. I bring together the power of intuition and ideas and marries it with the precision and the purposefulness of rational thought, so that you can realize your goals. Your original ideas need no longer languish in your diary or your desk. Get it off the ground. Whatever you can dream, you can do. Plan, take decisions and get going. Get the show on the road!

Purchase Here: Large | Small

Rainbow Moonstone: I Need A Fresh Start!

With every downpour, a rainbow is possible. So, if you feel that life has rained on your parade, wish for a rainbow. Look for new beginnings.

I help you make a new start. I encourage you to hope again, to take another chance. With me, you will find yourself feeling like starting again, giving life another chance, giving love another shot. I help bring a fresh new perspective on things. Make a fresh start. Do things differently. Everything is possible.

Purchase Here: Large | Small

Clear Quartz: Your Spiritual GPS!

Who has not gone through a dark time in their life? But, even in the darkest night, there are stars to guide you and be your companion. Stars represent the divine source of everything, your higher consciousness!

I bring the energy of the stars into soul. I help you connect with your higher consciousness, your higher self. I helps you overcome fear and doubt. I aid in the removal of murky and foggy residues that cloud your thinking and brings clarity. With your energies purified and your blocks cleared, you can now make the right intentions,decisions and manifest in your life, what you wish for. Not for nothing am I called your Spiritual GPS, in the dark night of confusion.

Purchase Here: Large | Small

Rose Quartz: Love Me Tender!

Unfortunately, we live in an era that encourages us to work hard and play hard. Hardness has its place. But if you wish to make progress in your relationships, gentleness works wonders.

I help you soften up those harsh and jagged boundaries that you have set up. I help you take a kindly view of yourself and others. I brings calm and grounded-ness and gentleness to your relationships. Count your blessings, appreciate what you have, be gentle and kind to yourself and to others. Healing those wounds takes time and patience and gentleness. Don’t try and hurry love. Take your time!

Purchase Here: Large | Small

Tourmalinated Quartz : The Force is With You!

Life is not walk in the park. Life thrown difficulties and challenges at you. And there are negative forces to contend with too. It would be nice to have a shield, a protection from all the negative energies, would it not?

I can be your strength in difficult times, when you are feeling low and vulnerable to dark thoughts and to dark influences. I am your shield, your defense system. I keep the negatives from affecting you. I give you immunity from the negative psychic energy that has accumulated or gathered around you. With me by your side, you can feel safe, secure and grounded. You can calmly and focus on solving problems and removing obstacles.

Purchase Here: Large | Small

Smokey Quartz – #BFF ( Best Friends Forever)

When life gives you a lemon, turn it into a lemonade! Negative experiences are also a part our lives. The wise take the negative and turn it into positives. They turn their vulnerabilities into strengths and mistakes into learning,

With me by your side, you will feel stable and centered. Negative experiences will no longer be able to throw you off balance. I will absorb the negative and give you positive energy with which you can respond to life’s problems. I help clear the emotional and spiritual blocks you might have. The negative clouds around your thoughts I will dissolve and bring you the clarity of a sun lit day. I am your Best Friend Forever!

Purchase Here: Large | Small


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