132: Ben Nemtin – 6 Steps to Conquer Anything On Your Bucket List

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We all have these things we want to do, and they’re all intangible until you speak them or write them down.

Today I’m talking to Ben Nemtin, one of the founders of The Buried Life. When he was younger Ben struggled with serious depression and today he’s talking about how he got through it. From there he decided to make a life pursuing the dreams he always wanted to achieve like traveling the world and playing basketball with President Obama. It begs the question: why aren’t you living your life to the fullest right now?

Ben has some great tips about living the life you want, plus he talks about giving back and being creative in all aspects of your life. He is a super inspiring guy who has really created some amazing moments for himself.

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Failure is an amazing thing: it either changes your direction that you need to go or at the very least you learn something about yourself and you grow.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What led to Ben’s depression [5:20]
  • How Ben decided to create his own tribe [7:00]
  • How they got the idea to do all the things they wanted to do [8:00]
  • How he got to play basketball with Obama [12:30]
  • Why you should write down your goals [18:50]
  • How he balanced wanting to cross of his own bucket list items and help others [20:30]
  • The six steps  of creating a life you want [23:30]
  • How Ben helped a woman get a bionic arm [29:30]
  • Why talking to each other can help tackle depression [31:00]
  • How practicing meditation has helped his mindset [38:10]
  • The transition from depression to believing that anything is possible [40:30]
  • What is next on Ben’s bucket list [44:15]
  • How to create space in your life for the things you want [46:55]
  • What’s next for Ben [49:10]
  • Books Ben loves [52:40]
  • Why Ben wants to start a gratefulness practice [54:10]
  • How Ben lives inspiration [59:10]

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