120: Jonas Blue – Focusing on the Quality of Your Art

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I have a lot of drive and a lot of will power and I will stick to something and I will get it done.

Today I’m talking to Jonas Blue, a major recording artist in the UK. Jonas is known for a tropical house cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car and his single Perfect Strangers, which hit double platinum in Australia. He started pursuing music at a very young age and has never looked back.

Jonas and I talked about his story and background, how he got started in the music industry, what his creative process is like, and how he goes with the flow. He also told me how he knows a song is going to be good, and why he sticks to his guns.

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I firmly believe that I’m going to be around in this business and passion for a long time because I love music and I love what I do – I live, eat, and breathe it.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How Jonas got into music and became a DJ [3:40]
  • When Jonas started making money as a musician [8:20]
  • What changed when he started working at a record shop [10:20]
  • Who influenced Jonas the most growing up [12:40]
  • Why it’s still about the music [15:50]
  • How long it took Jonas to become proficient in music making [17:05]
  • How Jonas starts making a song [18:25]
  • The value of structure in creativity [20:30]
  • Where the inspiration for Fast Car came from [22:30]
  • How he found the vocalist for Fast Car [27:25]
  • The inspiration behind his song Perfect Strangers [29:50]
  • Why he transitioned to Jonas Blue [34:20]
  • The challenges that come with his career as an artist [37:10]

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