12: F.E. Castleberry – How to Create and Curate a Brand Aesthetic

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“I’m willing to spend every last cent I have bringing my vision to reality.”

Today I’m happy to welcome my talented, long-time and close friend, Mr. F.E. Castleberry. Fred and I met years ago when he hired me to shoot branding images of him for his own photography business. We’ve been great friends ever since and he’s inspired me with his story. He has grown leaps and bounds!

Through the journey of the last few years, he went on to create a very well known blog in the prep fashion world called Unabashedly Prep along with a large cult following in the prep world. In the podcast we talk about how building the blog and brand led him to a creative concept director role at Ralph Lauren Rugby in New York City. Now he’s venturing out to create his own clothing label.

Frederick in an inspiration and has learned some great processes on curating a brand at Rugby which he shares here.

“Always continue to reevaluate what it is that turns your light on inside.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Moving from wedding photography to more creatively fulfilling work
  • How building a blog around a passion led to a top job in New York
  • The blessing and curse of a serious attention to detail
  • The mindset for building an amazing brand online
  • Castleberry’s draw to prep
  • About curating an aesthetic or taste
  • Check out the book Steal like an Artist to learn more about influence in art
  • How recreating work is part of the creative process
  • Communication is the key to working with a team
  • What makes Taste Maker. Speaking from truth
  • How he landed his dream job at Ralph Lauren Rugby – “Wow. That’s real.”
  • Building concept design around imaginative characters and the worlds they inhabit
  • The biggest lessons from working with Ralph Lauren
  • Struggles of keeping the lights on and thriving as a creative entrepreneur
  • How your own appraisal of self worth will reflect your earnings as a entrepreneur
  • How to develop your point of view first and give yourself room to breath and experiment without society’s approval.
  • Dress, clothing and style. How to be fearless
  • How important writing down your vision is in actually accomplishing it.

Connect with F.E.: Instagram | Twitter | Unabashedly Prep

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