176: Design Your Life


“A lot of times what’s on the other side of that risk is beauty.”

Welcome to today’s episode of NION Radio where we’re talking about the ways that I actively work to design the life that I envision for myself and the tools that you can use to design your life. Have you ever wondered “how did I get to where I am today”? When I was deciding what I wanted to do when I grew up, the combination of art and technology sparked my interest in design, so I started with this goal and worked backwards from there to figure out what it takes to get there.

These practical steps have helped me to realize my goal and to appreciate the joys and challenges of making a career from your art. Why is it so important to be able to separate yourself from your art? What does it mean to create your life by creating every small moment and how can we allow ourselves the space to make magic happen?

Listen in to learn about Nick Onken’s background, his path to creating art as a career, and his outlook on how to design your life.

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“I created that vision then broke it down in reverse and said, how can I get there?”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Nick Onken’s first career [2:14]
  • Why Nick decided to go to school for graphic design [3:00]
  • The book that changed the game for Nick [3:40]
  • What it means to create a moment [5:28]
  • A practical exercise to achieving your perfect day [6:50]
  • How Nick created a lifestyle that includes travel [10:15]
  • When Nick decided to become a commercial photographer [12:20]

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