138: Amanda Bucci – How Fitness Boosts Your Creativity

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The only thing that was really holding me back was time and full-on commitment.

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is the connection between fitness and the creative lifestyle. Bringing movement and fitness into my life and taking care of my body allows me more clarity of mind, which in turn helps me continue to press forward in my creative journey.

Today I’m talking to Amanda Bucci, fitness expert and online entrepreneur and coach. Amanda started her creative journey when she fell in love with exercise. From there she started building fitness training programs and then transitioned over to entrepreneur coaching. I met Amanda through Lewis Howes and she hired me to photograph her for her brand. We quickly became friends, and I love what she’s up to. It all plays into the space of creative entrepreneurship and how we create a balanced lifestyle that integrates your relationships, business, spirituality, personal development, fitness, and creativity.

It has been a result of my ambition, a result of my creativity, a result of putting myself in the right environment.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How Amanda got into fitness [4:30]
  • Amanda found a community online [6:00]
  • Why she transitioned from fitness to focus more on entrepreneurship [9:30]
  • When Amanda started viewing her entrepreneurship creatively [11:00]
  • Amanda’s advice on how to create a safety net [17:05]
  • What you have to sacrifice in order to make the leap [19:20]
  • What inspired Amanda to create instead of consume [21:45]
  • How Amanda’s business has evolved [23:00]
  • What Amanda got from Lewis Howes’ mastermind [26:00]
  • How she prioritizes everything in her life [28:55]
  • How Amanda has dealt with rejection [36:20]
  • What spirituality means to her [38:20]
  • What motivates Amanda [41:10]
  • How traveling to Guatemala with Pencils of Promise affected her [43:00]
  • Amanda’s content creation process [45:40]
  • What other creative outlets Amanda is pursuing [49:20]
  • How Amanda deals with lack vs. abundance [54:45]
  • Amanda’s top three books [56:50]
  • What is next for Amanda [59:20]

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