63: How to Create a Career in Art Part 13/15 – The Power of Giving Back

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We have a responsibility as humans to help make the world a better place.

My career in photography started because I decided to give back.

Here’s how it happened…

In 2009, I connected with my friend Adam Braun. Adam started a charity to build schools for kids in developing countries. He called the organization, Pencils of Promise.

We connected and he invited me to Laos. He couldn’t pay for the travel, but something about his passion for the project empowered my decision to pay my own way and fly out to meet him.

For six days, we traveled through the jungles of Laos. We shoot STUNNING imagery for Pencils of Promise.

I never did any of this with the intention of getting anything back.

Six months later, just after my travel book launched, Adam and I did a gallery show with the images from our Laos trip.

During the event, Adam hooked me up with his brother who was promoting an unknown kid named Justin Bieber. Ever heard of him? Justin is just one great example of many of amazing people I’ve become friends with through giving back without expectation or desire for anything in return.

These relationships have been an accidental blessing which has empowered my career as a professional photographer.

Giving back is also important in our day to day relationships. The more you give, the more you get.

My point is that giving is more about the internal action of giving. You can do it.

Giving more is about the internal action of giving.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Why giving back was critical for me to create a career as a professional photographer [1:52]
  • Giving back without the pretense of expecting anything in return [7:47]
  • A mindset for how to be a giver in personal and professional relationships [9:24]
  • The energy mechanics of giving more [9:52]
  • My challenge for you [10:41]

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