17: Sean Stephenson – The 3-Foot Giant on Overcoming Fear

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“When you step forward into your fear, your fear catches on.”

I’m stoked to have Dr. Sean Stephenson on this week’s episode of NIONradio. If you haven’t heard of Sean, you will love him. They call him the three foot giant because he’s literally 3 feet tall at most and lives in a wheel chair, but his personality is larger than life. Sean is one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever met. He was born with a rare bone disease called Ostiogenesis Imperfecta where his bones were so brittle, even sneezing would break his collarbone. He’s broken over 250 bones in his body. He’s broken through the mental obstacles, and has transformed his into a healthy physical body.

Sean has his doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and has written two books. He’s an all around badass thought leadership ninja and his vision is to rid the world if insecurity. He’s well on his way to doing it.

I had the privilege of cruising through Phoenix to hang out and do a photoshoot with Sean. We went and shot guns in the desert as it’s one of his newest hobbies. Check out the pics we did to get a real idea and perspective of Sean’s world and condition. Hanging out with Sean is always an enlightening experience, he’s one of the most inspirational humans out there.

In this episode, we learn a lot of things from Sean. We talk about how the unconscious mind effects the conscious mind in every day life and that when you’re not afraid of rejection, you can accomplish amazing things. We also talk about being upfront with your intentions in a relationship, how true connection is built on trust and respect, and much more- so lets jump in!

“I don’t think of myself as disabled, because that means I’m not able.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How the unconscious mind effects the conscious mind and everyday life
  • How to use fear to make you a powerful survivor
  • How to identify fear of rejection
  • Using fear of rejection to accomplish amazing things
  • How to create deep connection with people you love
  • Developing interpersonal trust and respect.
  • How to be upfront with your intentions in a relationship.
  • Working on the deepest, most frightening aspects of life
  • The key to success: Always keep creating.

Connect with Sean: Instagram | Twitter | Website

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