33: Satya Twena – How To Overcome Fear and Take Big Risks

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“Go get some fucking hate mail.”

I thought we we’re going to talk about hats. I never expected the conversation to bloom into that…

Satya Twena saved one of New York’s last operating millenary (hat making) factories. Using KickStarter she realized $174,000 in crowd funding. A friend was able to loan her the difference for the cost of the equipment. She found herself the owner of a Manhattan based factory with $30,000 a month in overhead. At the time, she had $1,000 dollars to her name.

During our interview she explained the mentality that carried her through, “All of the sudden, you’re opening up the universe to the fact that you’re open to receiving so much more than you are capable of assuming you deserve.”

It takes bravery to open space for true intentions. I believe her bravery is and important component of her business mastery.

She also shared this IN-Q poem with us:

You will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe.
You will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe.
Starve your pain, find your ego.
Starve your ego, find your beast.
Starve your beast, find your truth.
Find your truth, find your peace.
You will always find the evidence for what you choose to believe.

There is so much great stuff in this conversation. Thank you for listening. Now go create your moment and share it. Satya might just buy you a hat… 

“They’re pushing through life… and I want to dance through life.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Millinary – What it is and how the market works
  • The story behind saving a Manhattan based hat factory
  • How she overcame the doubts and found her purpose
  • How Satya Twena developed and perfected her KickStarter campaign
  • How to cultivate a trust for yourself
  • How athleticism those skills help to overcoming fear
  • Thoughts on how to decipher the reality between fear and truth
  • The most powerful ways to manage reactions – Don’t leak energy
  • How to operate from a place of emotional intelligence
  • How she fell in love with the School of Womanly Arts
  • Tips for the feminine CEO
  • In order to give pleasure, you need to know how to receive it
  • Control vs. Influence – Cultivating powerful teamwork relationships
  • Leading a fulfilling life with the power of presence
  • The art of opening up for more than you assume you deserve
  • Defining failure and how to see it through an empowering lens
  • Plus much more…


Win a Hat Making Experience

On November 19th 2014 we will select the winner.

Listen to the podcast for instructions on how to enter.

The winner gets a free entry into the New York City hat making experience. Satya and the team will be there to support the winner in creating their very own custom designed hat. We will ensure that #CreateYourMoments is worked into the hat in a creative, inspiring way.

Oh yeah, It’s an experience valued at $450.

Looking forward to what all you ShopTalk Creatives come up with.

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