Sarah Tyler Shoots


Where are you from?

Warm-blooded since inception. I am originally from Miami, Florida … swamplands and flickering neon. But interestingly enough, I was born in my pa’s chevy truck en route to hospital. Poor ma. I like to think that this fact does have some kind of influence on the movement in my life.

What’s your favorite color?

Black. or White. Sometimes Gray … see where I’m going here?

Where are you currently?

Currently back in la junglas of Panamá (more specifically Casco Viejo and Pedasí). I was able//lucky enough to spend almost half of 2013 in New York City to finish a few projects and reconnect with the creative circle and energy that I’ve missed while gone — over the past 3 years I’ve, literally, been off-the-grid. Knockin’ on wood, 2014 in Panama, thus far, seems to be a genuinely fruitful reunion. I need that immersion//isolation in the wild and Panama provides so much of that comfort.

What do you love about film making?

Ah, well that’s a long answer you’ve beckoned. I’ll keep it relatively short and start with a quote, “Filmmaking is a chance to live many lives” (Robert Altman). I’ve always loved storytelling, whether it be through the written word or around a campfire, the ability to explicate far-out scenarios or scenarios far removed from your realm of culture/identity — well, it makes every project an incredible learning experience on so many levels. The collaborative form to film making is exciting in and of itself because you appreciate all of the intelligence and talent you get to be surrounded with or astounded by. That said, I look forward to so much more stimulating collaboration in 2014!

What is one monumental moment growing up that shaped who you are today?

Hmmmm, I remember being nice to this little boy in my 5th grade class – “Joey”. He was rowdy and definitely a behaviorally problematic student but he was also chastised and harassed to an extent that didn’t exactly make sense to me. Anyway, one time the teacher instructed us to go around the room and each say something mean or stern to him, to let him how he made us feel when he behaved badly. I mean, really, the teacher wanted us to put a 10-year-old kid through a social ringer. By the time it was “my turn” — “Joey” was in tears. As you know, kids can be cruel and by today’s standards, this teacher would have probably been fired. But, I remember saying something to this extent, “Joey, when you interrupt class or behave badly, you affect the way we learn our lessons which gets the teacher mad. But I do know that when you are being kind and helpful, I like you and consider you my friend. I am sorry that you are crying because some of the things said would have made me cry too. And I don’t think the point was to make you cry. I hope you feel better soon.” Obviously, the class and its clowns and bullies were quiet for a few, heated seconds as their collective conscience was confronted. After class, as I was walking to the front of the school, Rudy came up from behind me and gave me the biggest, most unexpected and, longest hug I have ever received. In short, kindness and understanding go a long way — a really long and impactful way. And I think we all need to be reminded of that from time to time.

What has been your favorite project to date?

I will say Nick … our shoot in Montauk with ever-inspiring Kelly Framel and equally charming Zachary Lynd was one of the most spirited shoots I have been on in quite a while — from concept to creation, the whole process was really enjoyable and almost felt like we went on some kind of creative retreat! For now, Montauk Love takes the cake.

Where is the one destination that is at the top of your travel list right now?


What is your vision?

My vision for 2014 is to genuinely create — genuinely create work that inspires people to smile, travel, understand one another, take the beaten, off-kilter paths in life — and to also grow as a story-teller with projects that truly challenge me to push myself forward and expect more of myself, for the sake of learning. Crystal visions. That and to grow more of the food I eat.

Where can we find you on the internets?

@ShootSarahTyler for both Instagram and for website — Google ‘Sarah Tyler Panama‘ and some very interesting moments do surface … hah.


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