The Magic of Edie Sedgwick


I think every artist needs a little bit of an Edie, Edie Sedgwick that is. It was one of those late-working friday nights, and I decided to pull out the movie Factory Girl. I find a bit of Warhol in myself, in the sense that I love to shoot people by just letting them be themselves. Capture their natural ethos, if that’s what you’d like to call it.

The amazing thing about Edie is that she has a natural charisma that draws me in. Her energy is captivating with exuberance. She has a warmth that attracts and a vibrance that is magnetic. A smile that is calming, something that makes me feel at home. A great smile on a woman is like a world of comfort. It’s sitting by a warm fire on a cold winter’s night. Edie is a ball of charisma, and what I believe to be the perfect compliment to an artist. A muse if you will. Beyond her physical beauty, her ethos, her mannerisms are like a nostalgic memory of first love. Her involuntary burst of laughter that creates a presence that consumes you is a dream. Her big brown eyes just evaporate you into her world of inner joy with no limitation. The way she carries herself is just sexy, and the way she talks is dreamy. The way she dances without the need of validation or approval is magic. She is an “IT” girl.

But what is “IT”? That charisma, that fun loving personality, that gesture without care, that fragile vulnerability that Edie displays. While the “IT” in Edie’s world comes with a lot of other baggage, destruction and way too many drugs, I still believe that “IT” quality exists, and should exist. That kiss, that face, that look that consumes one in such an inspiring way. It’s completely striking.

She’s got the whole world on a string but on the inside, there are some things that need a bit of mending. It may be a lot of mending. However, Edie’s “IT” quality combined with internal emotional groundedness would make for the perfect dream. Extracting that “IT” is a big piece of the pie that I’m looking for in the love equation.

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