02: Quddus Philippe – How Vulnerability Catalyzes Your Creativity

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My boy Quddus has become one of the biggest inspirations in my life since I met him. We both come from similar upbringings that have shaped the way we see the world. He and I both have gone through an intense leadership training that have helped shape the way we now see the world in greater possibility. One of those things is the power of vulnerability in creating connections with people we encounter, and our every day relationships. He recently did his own training on that subject which was powerful.

“In sixty years, what is going to be on your tombstone? What are people at your funeral going to say about you?”

In This Show We Discuss:

  • How Quddus found his place on MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL)
  • A few highlights of his career as the VJ for TRL
  • How to authentically connect with celebrities and world shakers
  • The value in being fully present at every moment
  • The content development practice for Quddus
  • How creativity and presence play together
  • Stepping out of the need for a paycheck
  • Why embracing failure is the key
  • Carving out identity when working your job
  • On becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable
  • Should I go to university/college
  • Addressing insecurities and the need for validation
  • The power of vulnerability for creative entrepreneurs
  • How Kanye West’s vulnerability makes him so powerful
  • How Quddus found his new, powerful, authentic voice
  • Blind-spots – The subconscious self talk that keeps us down
  • The power behind the emotional intelligence and how it played out in his performance in Duets
  • The results of focusing on being rather than other motivation
  • The importance of passion to the creative entrepreneur
  • Quddus opens up and tells the story of his big failures

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Quddus’ site & Blog: The Q Side
Connect with Quddus: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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