Priscilla Paints


Where are you from?

Born and raised in the Bronx

What’s your favorite color?

I don’t have one… every color pulls a different, equally as interesting, emotion from me. A wonderfully executed composition of colors takes me to another world sometimes.

Painting, skating, music, any other creative hobbies we should know about?

I pretty much do anything I think I’m capable of. Besides those things listed, I’ve been building furniture and functional home décor out of scrap wood… a drill, a hand saw, and some rinky dink tools that were hanging around my loft space. My goal was to make my place a bit less scattered and more inviting. Which leads to my next endeavor, to create art sculptures that serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. But I won’t give away my ideas just yet ;)

Which is your favorite?

They all make me feel right. If one is missing I feel unbalanced. Life is my passion, not solely one endeavor… I have so much more to learn and discover about myself. I feel I’d be cutting myself short if I just stuck to one thing. If we think about the power behind our hands and mind… devoting all energy to one thing might make you succeed faster in it but if I gradually better myself in everything… when I’m old ill be a one man band, know what I mean? I just like to have fun.

What is one monumental moment growing up that shaped who you are today?

I can think of many small moments in my eventful life of 26 years that have shaped me and I’m grateful for all of them… Good and bad. And boy have they been really good… and really bad. This is one of the most memorable.
When I moved upstate to live with my dad for the last two years of high school. They had an amazing art program where I was able to discover my true love for art and competition. I won a gold key award for best portfolio in my whole school… I was 1 out of 4 chosen in 6 different regions. I hid in the art room everyday painting and even skipped lunch and free periods to make art (where I also discovered I loved to be alone). When I heard the news I walked around the empty art room after school and felt the Best high I’ve ever felt. Small accomplishment… But monumental in my heart.

What inspires you?

Nature, people… from the old man artist sitting at the corner of my bar every day drinking his tomato juice and sketching on bathroom paper, who died recently (RIP homie)… to little kids playing like there’s no tomorrow because they don’t know what’s about to hit them… a beautifully complex thing called life. I Love finding gems when I travel… like hidden shops and places where people have molded into their surroundings. I like darkness and light. I love music… the one thing I need to keep me moving everyday. I’m actually listening to Jeff Buckley as I’m writing this. Weird thing but I really love broken brick walls lol… takes me to another place. There’s so much more but… I think you get my vibe.

How’d you get into skateboarding?

I’ve always wanted to skate… when I was about 19… I used to go to the park around midnight with my basketball to shoot solo, and blow off some steam after work. Two skaters were hanging out and taught me how to skate… then kidnapped me for a week for all the Go Skate Day events Havent stopped since.

Where’s your favorite place to skate?

The bandshell

What’s your biggest fear?

That I wont live up to my fullest potential. But I’ll never stop trying… maybe our potential is endless… so I’m content with discovering that I will always have more to learn.

Where is the one destination that is at the top of your travel list right now?

Heaven. Not in a morbid way… I just think it’s the most appealing out of all places lol. Ill go anywhere the wind blows…

What is your vision?

To build a huge donut house, with sectioned off mini houses within, so I can have my entire family close to me but still have a sense of privacy To have a garden that my mom, sisters, and I would tend to. To have my own shop and music days every week… to be surrounded by art, love, and beauty everyday! Also to sit with a coffee and a cigarette in my garden and mosaic coffee table… maybe eventually lose the cigarette ;)

Last song I heard was. Damien rice Cannonball

Check out more of Priscilla on her tumblr!


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