John Peel is Fit


Who do you typically train?

My clients range anywhere from professional athletes looking for that off season insanity trying to get ready for their upcoming season all the way to business men and women who just want to stay in the sunny, Cali, beach-body state of mind! I have a special and unique style of training that’s suited for anyone and eveyone depending on what their overall goals are.

What does being a physical trainer mean to you?

As a trainer it is my goal to treat my clients as if they are family. That is how much I care about them because in my mind they are family and I want to do whatever it takes to show them how passionate and how much I care about them achieving the goals we set for them. At the end of the day that is truly why they are there and they take the time out of their busy lives to put the trust in me that I will get them to the level of fitness they desire. The day I wake up and do not want to be with a client I do not the feel the passion of sharing my advice, that is the day I move on and find another career.

What do you love about your work?

Knowing I am responsible for my clients well being and overall health makes every second of my job worth it. It is imperative to me to take on that responsiblity every second and shows how much trust and loyalty my clients have in me. To me, that is where I find most of my passion and what I love most about this job.

What’s the most inspiring story that you’ve helped one of your clients through?

When I finished my football career at the University of Utah I was introduced to a few young men who were playing high school football at the time. They came to me looking for help on the field so they could play and hopefully start their senior year on the varsity team, and so we began. It was a long and strenuous process for these men and they were not use to the intensity of training that I was throwing their way. At times they wanted to quit and at times they did not know if it was worth it. They broke through that barrier in their minds, focused, and became 100% committed to what we were training for. In the summer that we trained they both became stronger, faster and had a self confidence beyond anyone I have been around. It was a life changing experience for them and their families because they both went on to not only start their senior year but both earned full ride scholarships to play football at a divisison 2 school in Utah. Seeing the passion and excitement and the overall gratitude they showed me for what they had accomplished was the day I knew exactly what I wanted to continue to do with my career.

You created a special PLYO training for me, what is the benefit?

The benefit to my style of training is to keep your heart rate at a peek high while using muscle excursion at the same time. It is fast pace and strength training combined into a single circuit which is the most beneficial to one trying to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. It is very time efficient and gives you the most bang for your buck!

How does it speed up your metabolism?

The powerful and fast movements of plyos improve the speed of your nervous system which is very important in overall performance. It keeps your body guessing and your heart rate at a maximum which is key to maximizing metabolism and maintaining elasticity and the strength of tissues and muscles.

What pattern of daily eating do you recommend?

Every”body” reacts different to when, how much, and how often they eat. It fluctuates depending on the person and what their overall goal may be. Personally, I have found that smaller meals (about 5 a day) keep my energy running high all day and helps me maintain lean muscle mass. This is also goes hand in hand with constant water consumption which keeps the metabolism running on a fast motor all day long.

What’s your big vision for where you want to be?

I am exactly where I want to be in my career. I get to surround myself with people who are willing to let me teach them what I have created in my life long journey of fitness all day long, and it is an absolute blessing. In the end I want as many people to be able to share the love and interest that I have in changing their mind and bodies. Whether it is on a larger scale or teaching one person at a time, I will continue to spread the knowledge I have created.

Where can we find you online/or hire you?

I have a website that is directly linked to my email.

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