115: Nick Onken – One for Them and One for Me

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You must use every asset of knowledge, every skill, everything that you can do to help generate time and money for you to create the sandbox for you to practice your craft.

I was hanging out with some friends the other night when we started discussing the age old question of art and commerce. It really got me thinking of the delicate balance between working for money and working for yourself. There is art for sake of art and art that makes a living.

As an artist, it’s important that you take jobs that will allow you to have the time and funds in the future to do work for yourself. Listen in to hear why I love the “one for them, one for you” method.

Personal creative projects are the most important to my wellbeing as an artist.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What are the beginning stages of the creative journey [2:50]
  • Why you have to build a sandbox [3:25]
  • What does “one for them” mean? [3:40]
  • The balance between creating work for others and work for yourself [4:25]
  • Why I love the “one for them, one for you” idea [4:50]
  • How to stay on top of creating personal work [5:40]

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