09: Matthew Loyd – How To Create Stepping Stones To Your Dream Career

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“You really have to listen to the person that you are and really dig to find what the source of your happiness is.”

Matthew Loyd is an old friend of mine, one that I’ve kept in touch with for so long as we have so many similar views in the world. One of the big things I’ve admired about him is his creative entrepreneur spirit where through the years he has used full time jobs as stepping stones to build his skills for creating his own company as he is doing now. He recently left his mid 6 figure job as the Vice President of Brand experience at Old Navy to start his own company.

One of my favorite things about Matthew is that he has “Fear Regret, Not Failure” tattooed on his arm which gives you an idea of how he lives his life. In this episode, we get deep into the mindsets of doing things that you fear instead of ending up living with regrets.

We also get into capturing people’s hearts and minds through a good brand and ways to do that. I’ve always been a big believer in branding and design. In fact, him and I met back in the beginning when we we were both starting out as graphic designers. Now he’s created brand experiences for huge companies, and is taking those methodologies to his own brand.

“The best thing a brand can be is a point of view.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • You can do great things working for someone else, but you do the most meaningful and amazing things when you work for yourself.
  • You can learn a lot about creativity by learning how a business functions.
  • Finding the balance between Happiness, Talent, and the Market is the sweet spot.
  • Fear regretting things that you haven’t done, not failure in trying them.
  • You can’t teach people taste, you can teach them to learn how to live.

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