25: Kelly Framel – How To Elevate Your Life By Curating Your Experiences

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“Creative process is hard to explain because I feel like it’s something you’re always in the middle of.” – Kelly Framel

Ever wish you had a job that inspired you to pinch yourself and wondered if life was really soooooooo good?

Kelly Framel is young fashion designer living that life. She started a blog called The Glamouari while exploring what it meant to be an artist living in New York. Her passions for textiles and design carried her into a job that kept her in the city, but her relentless work ethic and passion for fashion lead her to a personal project that catapulted her from (what was perceived at the time to be) an embarrassing pastimes, to the center of the fashion world.

Now she works with the top brands, doing dream like creative projects and striking awe into the lives of all she touches.

This episode is a lesson on how to create a life that spreads glamor and beauty in the world around you. Wether you’re a painter, scientist, librarian or plumber, the lessons in this interview can support you in making a life of endless inspiration.

“The goal of being a creative professional is to do the work you love and make it pay” – Kelly Framel

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Where Kelly is from and how she got her start as a young fashion designer
  • The origins of her passion for fashion
  • On the struggles of bridging art and commerce
  • How young fashion designers can use blogging in the new fashion industry
  • Maintaining authenticity while growing a fashion blog that makes money
  • Self confidence derived from creative fulfillment
  • How to constantly curate your environment and optimize creative resonance
  • The mindset of a world class hustler (hint: hard work)
  • Cultivating world class relationships by co-working with inspirational people
  • A day in the life of The Glamourai
  • The influence of a fashion journey to Bahia and Candomble
  • The fear involved in driving a constantly evolving business
  • On the democratization the internet has caused in our lifestyles
  • How to allow for constant reinvention
  • Kelly’s creative process: spontaneity and storytelling

Links mentioned:

The Body of Bahia | On Friday’s We Wear White

Connect with Kelly: Instagram | Twitter | Website

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