26: Jim Kwik – How To Unlock Your Inner Superhero

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“Taking the invisible and making it visible. That’s what creatives do. They use their superpower of imagination.”

Jim Kwik found himself on a private flight surrounded with the cast of the new X-Men movie.

That’s the kind of thing that can happen when you unlock your super powers. But he wasn’t always like that…

Growing up Jim had a hard time reading. He failed spelling bs and he had to work 10 times as hard as the other kids just to pass tests. He was always falling behind and recurring head injuries didn’t help. Until one day after recovering from yet another injury, he became facinated with the way the mind works.

Now Jim works with top celebrities to maximize thier mind power. He dives deep into sensory deprivation caves, hikes around deep amazonian rain-forests and takes wild trips on zero gravity machines. He’s got a picture of him standing next to every top celebrity that you dream of meeting.

How did all this happen for a kid who grew up not knowing how to read?

You can learn all that and more on this 26th episode of ShopTalk Radio.

“You want to change your life? Change your thoughts. You want to change your thoughts? Change the questions you ask all the time.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Backstory of Jim Kwik, how he became a superhero trainer
  • The injury that helped Jim excel from a place of stagnation
  • How Jim’s rapid learning program helped a girl to read 30 books and save the life of a loved one
  • Learn about how Jim works to achieve his mission: “To change the way the world learns.”
  • How to become a problem solving superhero
  • Why jugglers have bigger brains and how to improve with it
  • Understanding brain states of creative output
  • Lucid dreaming and how to use it to train your mind for high level creativity
  • Maximizing your theta state of creativity to jumpstart imaginative projects
  • How to use a visual tracers to improve reading speed by 25-50%
  • The story of dining with an amazonian tribe who had never had contact with the western world
  • How to spend time with the cast of X-Men and watch your dreams become true
  • About Stan Lee and his unstoppable drive at the age of 92 and who Stan’s favorite superhero is
  • What separates operating at cause vs. operating from effect
  • Decision Fatigue and how to counteract it
  • The power of asking new questions to change your life

10 Keys to Strong Mental Acuity

  1. Diet
  2. Kill A.N.T.s – Automatic Negative Thoughts
  3. Exercise
  4. Brain Nutrients ( B-Vitamins, vitamins etc.)
  5. Positive Peer Group
  6. Clean Environment
  7. Sleep (lucid dreaming)
  8. Brain Protection (wear a helmet)
  9. New Learnings
  10. Stress Management

Links mentioned:

  • Learn more about Roger Banister and how he used visualization to break the 4 minute mile
  • Start improving today for free at SuperheroU
  • Read Tony Hsieh’s article about collisions mentioned by Jim
  •  Learn about Quincy Jones and how he leaves space with god
  • Music Credit: X-Men Remix by BMKikiBeats

Connect with Jim: Instagram | Twitter | Website

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