136: James Goldcrown – How to Create a Brand Out of Your Art

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I’m very lucky that I get to do something that has a simple message but reaches so many people.

Today I’m talking to returning guest James Goldcrown. I had him on in the early days of Nion Radio but James’ path has changed since then. These days he is known for the creation of the Love Wall. If you live in New York or L.A., you’ll recognize his murals because they’re everywhere and they give off this amazing vibe of love and positivity. His amazing layering of brightly colored hearts have gained him recognition that has led him to collaborations with TOMS Shoes, Sephora, and recently Rag & Bone.

James and I talked about his journey since our last conversation, the creation of the Love Wall, and how he has gone about turning it into a brand with global recognition. Plus he shares how he has used the murals and social media to create a brand presence and a wider reach.

Speaking of collaborations, I have also just released a special collection of crystal necklaces in collaborations with Made in Earth. I designed these pieces with different stones that all have their own unique energy and meaning. I have been working on these for a long time and I am excited to get them out in the world, so please go check them out.

The second you can be comfortable with who you are and what you are, everything else falls into place.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How the power of social media launched James’ work [4:45]
  • How James got his first legal mural job [8:20]
  • James doesn’t believe in business cards anymore [10:55]
  • James’ Instagram tips [11:50]
  • Why it’s important to do pro bono work and raise awareness [12:40]
  • Art is a universal language [16:35]
  • When James’ Love Wall became a brand [17:30]
  • How James got his first collaboration with TOMS Shoes [23:10]
  • Stop talking and start doing [30:00]
  • What James learned from TOMS [31:10]
  • How to broker a collaboration deal [33:45]
  • James’ plans for the future involve inspiring social change [37:00]
  • How your personal journey aligns with your creative journey [42:00]
  • What a normal week looks like for James [44:10]
  • How he got to do Kygo album cover [50:20]
  • James’ book recommendations [55:10]

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