186: You Are Not Your Human


“Maybe this should be called ‘Living Your Meat Suit.’”

This week we are continuing to unpack the list I made towards the end of 2019 on the 21 Things I Learned This Year. Our last episode was on the healing power of psychedelics and this really led me into a space of deeper understanding on the topic that we’re going into detail about today: you are not your human.

It may sound like a bizarre concept at first, but lately, I have been driving down this road of consciousness and spirituality. You are your consciousness, your spirit, your soul — whatever you want to call it. You are so much more than simply your body and that can be a difficult distinction to make.

Listen in to learn what life is like after taking psychedelics, what keeps us from experiencing joy, and how to separate your spirit from your body.

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“Why don’t we live the best life we can — and that is up to us to create.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What it is like to come down from psychedelics [3:45]
  • What stops us from experiencing joy [6:30]
  • How to experience the difference between the spirit world and the human experience [10:30]
  • What tv show to watch to explore the idea of your consciousness as separate from the body [10:40]

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