52: Erv Braun – How To Raise World Changing Children

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Why be normal? Go for something special. Go for something tremendous.

Amazing stories run in the Braun family. I am good friends with Scooter and Adam Braun, and over time have gotten to know their father, Erv Braun. Erv is an incredible man with, of course, an incredible story. His family fled Hungary after the Holocaust and the Hungarian Revolution, and eventually moved to Brooklyn.

In New York, his parents embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, and there must be something in their blood, because his children are all passionate and smart too. But that’s not all: they were also raised to be fearless, heartfelt, genuine people.

Yes, Erv is a sports and adrenaline junky and a fun loving guy, but he also is an inspiring man with lots of secrets to share.

Thanks for listening. Let’s dive in.

When you teach your kids about all the things you want them to be, if you don’t include that there’s a bigger story than just who they are, you’ve missed something.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Father of Adam, Scooter, and Liza Braun [4:20]
  • How his parents survived the Holocaust , escaped the Hungarian revolution, and came to America with two small children [5:55]
  • The power of family [11:25]
  • The beginning of their lives in the U.S. [16:00]
  • How he and his sister fulfilled his father’s dream [18:15]
  • Why he makes sure to appreciate everything he has in life [21:05]
  • On keeping his kids grounded [22:50]
  • How he raised his kids differently [28:10]
  • Why it’s hard to watch your children grow up [36:40]
  • Why you have to walk the walk [42:10]
  • How to he keeps the fire alive in his relationship [46:50]
  • Why he became an entrepreneur [49:55]
  • The importance of giving [55:40]
  • Where the family tradition of storytelling comes from [59:20]
  • The importance of being a good man [1:01:35]

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