44: Dale Partridge – How Putting People Over Profit Can Build a Successful Business

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Generosity is less like an arrow and more like a boomerang: it has a way of coming back to you.

We all know business savvy is valuable, but it can only take you so far. The most successful businesses in the world put people first, whether that means members of their own team or anyone around the world.

In this interview, I’m talking with Dale Partridge about his new book, People Over Profit. In it, he writes about the value of people, as well as values like generosity, transparency, accessibility, and vulnerability. Not only are these Dale’s values, but they’re the values of successful, conscious businesses. I love Dale’s personal approach to business and how he isn’t scared of inevitable growth and evolution.

As an added bonus, Dale is offering a giveaway ShopTalk listeners. Listen through to the end of the episode to hear Dale tell you how you can enter. If you’re ready to start now, here is how it works:

Use this link to buy your copy of People Over Profit. You will then immediately receive the following bonus material:

  • People Matter by Dale Partridge ebook
  • A private podcast
  • Three coaching video lessons

Thank you so much for listening to this episode. Let’s go.

Find out what you’re doing that’s not you, kill it, and bury it in your backyard.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • How failure at his first venture pushed him harder [6:45]
  • Blending purpose and profit [8:10]
  • The stress of running a business like Sevenly [10:30]
  • Why companies that value people over profit are successful [13:40]
  • The guilt-free buy in experience at Sevenly [15:50]
  • How shifting his focus away from money and towards helping others made him successful [18:15]
  • How to use an empathetic, authentic marketing technique [20:30]
  • How to manage multiple social media accounts [24:15]
  • The business model for his personal brand [25:05]
  • Making a life vs. making a living [27:20]
  • What valuable lessons from kindergarten can be used to be successful in business [31:30]
  • On not letting the past dictate the future of capitalism [33:00]
  • How he uses the golden rule in business [34:20]
  • The difference between being common and being normal [37:45]
  • Why he follows the mantra: hire slow, fire fast (but don’t fire rudely) [40:25]
  • Why you shouldn’t call your team your family [43:30]
  • Why you can’t have transparency without accessibility and vulnerability [45:00]
  • How social media is the highlight reel of our lives and companies [49:00]
  • How to shift with the market without changing who you are as a business [50:10]
  • The appeal of projects that have an end [51:10]
  • Moving towards working with his hands in the outdoors and away from tech [51:40]
  • What is at the core of generosity? [54:10]
  • How to apply his people over profit philosophy as a single person or small operation [57:10]
  • Why it’s good to dive back into tradition and simplicity [1:01:00]

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