83: Christopher Makos – How To Get Your Work Noticed

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Time and age and growth are great assets to one’s brain.

When you pay attention to do what you do, and you do it well, people will take notice. That’s one of the things Christopher Makos taught me during our conversation, and I can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the amazing advice he has.

Christopher Makos is a legendary photographer who has published over 30 books, has photos published in Interview Magazine, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and had works exhibited in the Guggenheim, the Tate Modern, the Whitney Museum, and many more. He has led an incredibly interesting life, working with Andy Warhol, teaching him to use his first camera, and introducing him to other important work. He apprenticed under the famous Man Ray.

Listen in to hear us talk about monetizing every aspect of your creative self, the importance of doing something creative every day, and the difference between capturing a picture and capturing a memory. I think you’ll learn a lot from this world renowned photographer who has worked with some of the greats.

My camera pretty much is a paintbrush.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Why he decided to move to New York City [4:15]
  • What he calls the golden age of NYC [4:45]
  • Who influenced and mentored him [6:50]
  • The path between music and photography [9:00]
  • When he met Andy Warhol [11:10]
  • How he and Andy Warhol learned from each other [13:30]
  • The value of apprenticing with artists [14:40]
  • Surround yourself with successful people [18:55]
  • Why you have to be consistent [19:35]
  • The difference between taking pictures and taking memories [21:45]
  • The value of printing out pictures [23:10]
  • Why you should never delete files [25:00]
  • How he has changed since being a younger photographer [26:10]
  • His work since working with Warhol [33:05]
  • The range of ways to make a living as a creative force [35:25]
  • His reservations about posting photos on social media [38:30]
  • How his first book came about [41:00]
  • Why you have to keep learning [45:30]
  • His advice for talking about your art [48:00]
  • Why you have to learn to be complete by yourself [54:00]

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