90: Cal Fussman – The Art of Interviewing Part 2

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Photography is such a great thing, to be able to capture the moment and have it live past the actual moment.

Today on the show you’ll hear part two of my interview with Cal Fussman. Cal is an expert interviewer and the writer of a great series in Esquire called What I Learned. He’s an all around great guy and is just fascinating to talk to.

This half of the interview is definitely a little different, as Cal flips the script and interviews me for a while. It’s a great peek into his interviewing skills, plus you get some perspective into my views on photography, meditation, and more.  You’ll also get to hear his amazing story of interviewing one of his idols Muhammad Ali. Listen in to hear this entertaining and inspiring man talk more about his journey and his art.

If you grow up without the internet, it’s much harder to inspire people.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • What it was like interviewing Muhammad Ali [04:40]
  • The risk of meeting your hero [21:50]
  • What inspired Cal to take pictures at Central Park [37:30]
  • Why he never thought much before about inspiring others [41:15]
  • How he’s helping companies learn to interview for their hiring process [43:55]

Links mentioned:

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