20: Caitlin Crosby – How To Build A Business With Purpose

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“There are so many people that have this gold in them but there is no one to encourage them to change their lives.”

This week’s amazing NIONradio guest is my long time friend, Caitlin Crosby. Not only is she a super talented musician, but she’s also the founder of this amazing company called The Giving Keys. They’ve blown up in the last few years, and I see people wearing them all the time. They are these key necklaces and bracelets that have a word stamped into them. You wear one until you meet someone who you think needs the word inscribed on it, then you give it to that person. The story and vision behind this project is amazing, which you will hear in this episode.

Caitlin has a beautiful heart, and is out to change the world. She truly cares about everyone and inspires me to become a better person. She’s passionate about issues that could have an impact on someones life and make them feel less alone. Her Giving Keys are a prime example of this movement that she has created. Caitlin is full of love, and we even talk about her journey of falling in love on this episode.

“Unless you’re willing to fight for me, to fight to keep this relationship alive, then I have to walk away.”

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Growing up in Los Angeles
  • The funny story of how Caitlin Founded The Giving Keys
  • On building a business with a team of stranger homeless friends
  • How to build a for purpose business slowly and consistently
  • Embracing the pay it forward concept
  • Amazing stories of helping homeless recover
  • Managing rapid growth in a for purpose organization
  • Applying lessons learned from Youth Group
  • Where Caitlin gets her ideas for her songs
  • How to cultivate a thriving relationship/marriage
  • The story of how she met her husband
  • Advice for women seeking the right man
  • Cultivating a way of being that attracts great people
  • Strategies for manifesting confidence

Links mentioned:

Connect with Caitlin Crosby Instagram | Twitter | Website

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