79: Arden Cho – How to Overcome Insecurity as an Actress

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As I’m growing older, I’m growing into who I am, more so because I’m starting to love who I am.

Today I’m super excited to introduce you to my longtime friend, Arden Cho. Arden not only plays a lead character on MTV’s series Teen Wolf, but she is also a musician and has recorded an album and performed all over the world. We met on a photoshoot for a Reebok campaign many years ago, and it has been awesome to watch her career blow up over the past few years.

Arden is a total sweetheart, an overall amazing human being, and in this interview we get to talk about her life behind the scenes: what her why is, the changes she wants to make in this world, and why it’s important to be vulnerable. Listen in to hear her talk about her insecurities as a minority in the entertainment industry and how she has grown through them. We also talk about something that’s very important to me: the importance of creating moments in your life.

This time around, we decided to record a video of the podcast that you can watch below:

The thing that I’ve learned is in this business, so much of it is luck. But you have to be prepared for those opportunities when they come.

Some things we learn in this podcast:

  • Why her parents influence her [5:20]
  • Being a minority in the entertainment industry [6:25]
  • The grind of being in the arts [8:50]
  • Why she cleaned out her life [10:50]
  • The fun of growing up [12:40]
  • How social media changes the game [13:50]
  • How her Asian parents felt about her going into acting [16:55]
  • What is her why [20:30]
  • Her advice for young girls [23:20]
  • How she came to accept herself [27:25]
  • What it means to her to create a moment [32:50]
  • Why your worth can’t be in your job [34:45]
  • How she stays grounded [37:10]
  • Why you have to be vulnerable [38:05]
  • Why she’s excited to be at fashion week [41:40]

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