The Ultimate Lifehack: Emotional Intelligence


I’ve heard bits and pieces of life hacking, where you can do things to create the life you want. One of my first introductions to the thought of life hacking was when I read Tim Ferris’ book, the 4 Hour Work Week. I’ve already began designing the lifestyle that I really wanted before I read the book, but it really solidified the direction I was heading and equipped me with some bigger ideas. Lifestyle design, it’s hacking your life and the lifestyle you dream of. There are so many different ways of practically doing that which Tim talks about in the book. But what about the internal processes that it actually takes to go there? The fears of failure, the people pleasing, the self doubt, and self trust that it takes to leave security for the life you want. Lets face it, the process of creating that lifestyle is not easy. There are a lot of things that are in the gap to jumping off that cliff. Then you throw in the world of creative entrepreneurship and making a living with your art, and you’ve got a whole other set of fears that come with that.

What about life hacking starting from the deepest of places? What about starting from the thoughts and negative conversations that run our lives, and create the decisions we make? What are the thoughts that keep us from truly connecting with people? Facing our fears is something we hide behind. This truly keeps us from living our dreams and being extraordinary. What does it take to A: Be self aware of the fears that live inside you, and B: Overcome those fears and become captain of those fear conversations that keep you from your dreams and creating. “The Resistance” as Steven Pressfield likes to call them in The War of Art.

Self Discovery can take years especially if you’ve found yourself in a downward spiral of negative thoughts. I’ve recently went through an emotional intelligence and leadership training that helped me to realize my fears. I learned where they come from and how to overcome them. If you can raise your level of emotional intelligence, you can conquer your fears and achieve your dreams faster. I’ve discovered a whole new world of possibility through the process. Do they ever go away? No, but I now know in a more detailed way what I face, and how to overcome them on a daily basis. Conquer your fears, and you in-turn start living in possibility instead of limitation. Not being driven by fear allows you to fully go for your dreams. The Ultimate Life Hack in my book.

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