Sonos Sounds


Have you ever thought about having a master sound system in your house without the millionaire cost of wiring a system into your walls?

Music is and has been a huge piece of my life and inspiration. I love to have music bumping in the office, and my home. Music is the muse of all art forms(a great quote from my podcast with friend music lifestyle curator friend, Michaelangelo L’Aqua). I love to have a good seamless system that I can bump.

Since I moved into my Brooklyn pad 5 years ago, I’ve been using my computer in my office streaming to speakers connected to my airport express. I could play my music downstairs in my office and upstairs in my livingroom through my wifi network. My biggest frustration is the wifi is choppy and very unreliable. I had so many issues with the music chopping up and cutting out from interference of some sort. Also, the delay from clicking play on a song to the time it actually played was 5 sometimes 10 seconds. Not to mention, you can only stream to all speakers though your iTunes library. That rules out any other music services like Spotify, Pandora, Etc.

Recently while visiting my family out in Seattle, I was introduced to the Sonos system. It’s a wireless speaker/sound system that runs through a MESH network that is much stronger and reliable than regular wifi.

Here’s the top 3 reasons I love the Sonos system:

  1. The control system. Sonos has a controller app for every platform. Mac OS X Desktop, iPhone, iPad, etc. It can be controlled live from every controller. This is great because my team can play from their computers or phones without needing to use my computer. We’re working on setting up a centralized iPad for anyone to control. The play time is instant and much smoother. You can also integrate a bunch of different music services into the controller to play directly.

  2. Customize to Build. You buy the speakers individually for each room of your house, and keep adding in increments if you want. Each speaker is easily added to the network, and you can control each individual one, create groups, play different playlists in each room, or the same one throughout your house. They also have a “Connect” if you have super high end audiophile speakers you want to connect to the system.

  3. The Seamlessness. I love how the whole system is seamless from connection to playing tunes. It makes it so much easier to host parties and people. I believe music creates an experience. Its a centralized system, and they seem to be a forward thinking company that is constantly updating their products.

A few drawbacks that aren’t too much to worry about, but Sonos, if you’re reading this it’s something to take into account. The first thing is the Playbar’s only input is an OPTICAL audio. Great and all for those people who have TV’s, but you can’t run it from a projector which is what I have. I tried connecting my Mac Mini with audio jack to OPTICAL audio cable, and it doesn’t work. I ended up having to just put the Playbar down in my office which isn’t bad, but I wanted to use it to watch movies. One other drawback is the only “LINE IN” input is on a PLAY 5 speaker. Which is fine, but the sound doesn’t compare to the Playbar in terms of movie audio. Thirdly, which I read is coming soon but the Sonos system hasn’t integrated soundcloud yet. The only way to play from soundcloud is a Line In to a Play 5 which isn’t ideal.

If you’re a high end audiophile, I’d recommend picking up the Connect (which is pretty spendy for what it is) and connecting your high end speakers. You’d probably have to do more research on the audio file conversions but I’m an audiophile.

That said, this system has been revolutionary in the sound experience of our office and home.

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