Onken’s Superfood Protein Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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People have been asking me for my recipe here on instagram quite a bit so I thought I’d write it all down in a blog post so you can refer to it and buy the exact ingredients. This is the recipe to my power packed superfood smoothies or bowls which have become the highlight of my morning ritual. I seriously look forward to this every morning. This is enough for 2 people, so usually I have one for breakfast, and one for lunch.

1/2 half apple – Adds natural sweetness
1/2 avocado – gives creaminess
1 banana
3 organic strawberries
1 TSP Scoop of Matcha blended into 3 cups of room temp water – I use Tenzo Ceremonial Grade Matcha – tenzotea.com – use code “tenzono” for 25% off
I love my AquaTru reverse osmosis water filter. Use the code “ONKEN299” for $150 off.
1 Scoop GLO Vegan Protein Powder – https://gloveganprotein.com – Use code “GLOwithNICK” for $10 off one tub order.
GLO is a 3-in-1 plant-based protein that also covers:⁣
*super greens⁣
*Omega -3s⁣
*PreBiotics / ProBiotics⁣
*B12 + iron + calcium⁣
*Enzyme blend / trace minerals⁣
*Lentein ⁣

I’ve recently discovered the brand TerraSoul. They are very particular in testing for heavy metals in their products and only bring them to market if they are below a certain standard, so I’ve started using them as much as possible.

1/4 TSP of Masons Mushrooms from Superfeast
1 spoonful of Gogi Berries
1 spoonful of Cacao Nibs
1 spoonful of Turmeric Powder
1 spoonful of Ginger Powder
1 spoonful of Morninga Powder
1/2 spoonful of Beet Juice Powder
1/2 spoonful of Spirulina Powder
1/2 spoonful of Chlorella Powder
1/2 spoonful of Pitaya Powder (You can put in or on top of the bowl for a colorful garnish)
1/2 spoonful of Chia Seeds(You can also put on top of the bowl after instead)
1/2 spoonful of Organic Turkey Tail Mushrooms
1 spoonful of decaf coffee grounds (More for flavor)
1 scoop of collagen
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
1 or 2 leaves of Kale
12 ice cubes

Blend on 10 power on a Vitamix for 30 seconds or so

When I do a smoothie bowl, I add organic blueberries, fresh cut organic strawberries, pitaya powder, Qi Powder, chia seeds and granola.

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