One Of The Greatest Battles Of The Heart Centered Entrepreneur and Building A Personal Brand.

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As I’ve begun polling a few heart centered entrepreneur friends of mine, I’m noticing a common theme in space of putting themselves out there in there in the world as they build their personal brand. It’s something I constantly battle myself as I’ve begun building my own personal brand and it’s a delicate line.

If you’re a heart centered entrepreneur with a big mission to help people change their lives for the better, you’ve probably struggled with this whole idea. As a result, you choose not to do anything for all the fears that come along with it.

What I’m talking about here is battling the delicate line of the ego. The feeling of looking egotistical by putting photographs and video of yourself out there into the world via your website and social media. In fact, if you feel this, you’re definitely not alone, but have perhaps also degraded your brand by trying to do the opposite and utilizing photographs and other media that is of low quality and telling the wrong story about you.

If you’ve gone through any sort of “identity alchemy” and moving through an internal space of dropping the ego where it’s not about showing off your money and riches, then this is a huge deal. I acknowledge you for even traversing this line.

Now, the magick trick is two fold. It’s alchemizing your perspective and intentions behind your brand as well as outwardly telling the story of who you are and what you’re all about in a humble yet aspirational and relatable way. A way that says to people that you can be their guide, letting them aspire to becoming what you have to offer while being relatable and attainable.

I am confident the internal pieces, takes a bit of deconstruction. We must deconstruct our belief systems and actual motives. The motives between truly and authentically wanting to help people better their lives and doing things for the external validation, the likes, and the attention. This all lies within your own perspective. If your motives are truly to help people, then part of that is internally purifying your intentions and getting to a space of your fullest expression. When you are living in your fullest expression, putting yourself out there into the world isn’t about the external validation, it’s about your true intent, and telling YOUR story. People connect with you and your vulnerably shared story.

The second piece, is creating congruence between who you are on the inside, and what you put out into the world. People connect with people. When reaching a greater amount of people that extends beyond your physical reach in a digital world, I believe that having the right story telling imagery is important. Imagery that tells who you are, what you’re all about, what’s important to you, and more importantly the soul behind your human avatar. It’s the personality, the gaze, the soulful connection that your audience can experience with the right imagery that is congruent.

Getting to this place may take some alchemy, some internal processing, and some perspective shifts. I know it has for me and it’s a constant daily assessment. I’ve gotten to a space where it’s become a form of creative play to create imagery of me in my world and telling the stories that align with that.

If you’re anything like most of my clients, what you want is to create a greater impact in this world and help other people move through their inner alchemy. You want to see and find what is important in life. Family, relationships, joy, experiences and things that aren’t showboating the riches.

We’re all wanting true wholeness, and that is something found by following our own white rabbit and discovering your own truth and living that in its fullest expression. Communicating that in a digital world is the act of stepping into that full expression and embodying it.

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