My New AdVenture, SHOPTALK radio


SHOPTALK radio is a new venture that was inspired by my good friend, Lewis Howes. I love his School of Greatness podcast, but I never really thought about doing my own until he interviewed me for his show. After talking with Lewis and my boy, Ian Robinson, over at Freedom Podcasting about the value of podcasting for building a brand, I started giving it some serious thought. In the realm of living inspiration, what inspires me is amazing people doing amazing things. Beyond that, what goes on in their minds. What fears and struggles did they have to break through in order to create success in their business and life? It’s inspiring to hear, which motivates me as I’m sure it will connect with those who listen.

I realized something about myself when I spent 24 hours with Dr. Sean Stephenson. He is one of the most inspiring people I have met. You can learn more about him through his upcoming podcast. What I learned about myself was that this podcast is a form of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. As a photographer with my style of shooting, I don’t get much time in the spotlight or in front of the camera. Speaking on audio or video recorded media has always been a fear of mine. In a world of personal growth, you’re only growing when you’re playing out of your comfort zone. Learning a new skill like this for me and putting it out there for the world to hear is uncomfortable. I may fail, but my new perspective on failure is that it’s closing the gap between what you want and what you envision.

So join me on this new venture. My vision for SHOPTALKradio is to inspire the world to unlock their inner creativity and share it. I’ll be bringing on successful creative entrepreneurs and others in the big league. We will be creating a space to dive deep into what it takes to create success, and what true success means in the world of what I like to call a “Life Baller.”

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