5 Reasons why this tool has helped me with delegation


Do you ever struggle with delegation?

I know I do. It seems that this is an ongoing saga for entrepreneurs, especially us who have one of those controlling bones in our body. The drive to do it ourselves, or micro manage is something that I completely struggle with. Sometimes I find myself doing tasks that I don’t need to do, and even that is my own procrastination tool. It takes a conscious effort to be aware of when I’m doing this. To Stop. Then delegate. Better yet. Let go.

I want to share with you one of my new found favorite delegation tools. For those of you who listened to my written to-do list podcast, you’ll already have an idea, but this is a more in-depth description.

The app system is called Todoist.

It’s a multi-platform and multi-user application so it syncs across. It’s well designed and very robust, even though I only really use the basic features of it. Here are my top five favorite things about the app:

1. If I think of a task for my employees to do while I’m away from the office, I don’t have to remember it, write an email, or wait till I get back to the office to delegate it. I can enter it in through the app on my phone, assign it to whoever it goes to, and it notifies them on their phone or desktop app.

2. You can comment on tasks, so if my employee needs clarification or needs to respond he/she can add a comment to the task and it will notify me. It keeps a track record of this to refer back to.

3. It creates a check-in system. When my employee finishes the task, he/she can check it off and the app notifies me on my phone that the task is complete.

4. It creates task organization. You can create different projects, assign certain people to each project, and delegate tasks below. You can even create sub-tasks under the main task.

5. The stand alone desktop app is simple and easy to use, and I love it. What’s great is I can actually type with a keyboard, and it’s much faster than typing on the phone if I’m in the office.

While mastering the art of delegation is something that I’m still working toward, I have found Todoist to really help me in that process. I still use the written to-do list for my own tasks(Find out why here).

What tools help you delegate?

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