Life is a series of moments that you create. 

How often do we dream of moments to happen in our lives? I know I do, and I’ve done it for so long. Hollywood has plagued us with dreams that we fictitiously want but never believe can happen. But why not? Why do we believe that those moments are a fantasy?

What if we changed frames and decided to live life through the lens of creation. Making a conscious choice to create the moments we dream of? When it comes down to it, we are the only ones that hold ourselves back from achieving those beautiful instances of time, those small connections, those moments of bliss, etc.

What’s even deeper than that is fear. So many times we make decisions out of fear. I know I have done that.

Recently I was sitting on my bike jamming out to some music on the sidewalk in Soho while my buddy was in the bike shop. A beautiful girl walked by eating ice cream. I smiled at her, and she smiled back inviting me to say hello. After the moment had passed, I realized I was still sitting on my bike instead of saying hello. I let fear get the best of me. Fear of being rejected, fear of getting too far out of my comfort zone, fear of looking bad. A combo of all of those perhaps led me to watching her keep walking down the street (which wasn’t a bad view anyways) but I let that moment go instead of creating it. Instead of saying hello and letting serendipity take care of the rest.

It’s moments like these that we can create if we are conscious about it. Every small moment leads to the bigger picture. We can create the intention and the space for serendipity without expectation, and that is where we will get biggest results in our lives.

We can create everything from the smallest moments of intimacy and connection, to big moments of accomplishments, to creating everything we want in life if we are conscious about it.

It starts by choosing creation. 

Choosing to intentionally create your life is choosing to be responsible. When we come from a place of responsibility, we take ownership of the power to choose what we do with it. Excuses are stories that we’ve chosen to believe and if we’re not aware of that, we can blink and we’ll be at the end of our lives looking back wondering what happened. I know I want to live life on the crest experiencing creative resonance as much as humanly possible, and that comes with the conscious decision of creating my moments, and in turn creating my life.

Where did this come from? I was in a brainstorm with my team and my agent, and I wanted to do start a movement that could live socially with the original DNA of my photography. We landed on the hashtag, #CreateYourMoments because I capture moments, but not only do I capture them, I create them. I create the space for photographic moments to happen.

This translates directly to how I have lived my life. While not even close to perfect, creating my life is something that has always been important to me, and now it’s given me an even more conscious awareness that I have the power to create even the smallest of moments if I want to.

I’ve decided to create and use this hashtag for moments and stories that I’ve created in my own life with instagram. By using the hashtag, it’s a reminder that I consciously created that moment in my life. But it’s not just about me, its about you. It’s a movement to empower everyone to consciously create their lives by creating the moments that happen.

I invite you to use the hashtag when you post as a reminder to yourself that you created that moment intentionally, and to empower your friends and followers to do the same.

Join the movement at createyourmoments.co



Hand-lettering by the talented, Daniel Gurwin

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