Hi. My name is Nick Onken, and I’m a photographer living out of New York City.

I never went to art school, or took a course in photography. I found my way to my career by following my truth – wanting to see and change the world. The relationships I built on my journey were the foundation for my successes. My personal network was the buoy that would help keep my head above water whenever the tides were rough.

It was this reality that inspired me to build the NIONlife community, a network of resources and tools to help creatives discover new, effective ways to succeed in the changing tides of our times.

NIONlife will lead you on a journey through the experiences of the ultra-successful, and help you understand exactly how to optimize your work, your lifestyle, and your habits to achieve your best self across the board.

Our podcast features world-class talent – Usher, Donna Karen, Stacy London, Daniel Arsham, to name a few – creatives from all walks of life, who have become cultural forces, icons in their field. We take a 360 deep dive into their personal journeys, highlighting the challenges, choices, and triumphs that have led to their successes.

NION is a vibrant community of people just like you, looking for answers to the creative issues we face, and supporting one another from one challenge to the next. NIONlife subscribers understand the value of relationships, and see their community as a foundation – a sounding board when they need to be heard, a guidepost when they are unsure where to turn.

If you’re going through any kind of creative lapse in your life, experiencing challenges that are inhibiting you from making progress toward your goals, or if you don’t yet know exactly what those goals are, then I believe that you are in the right place. Explore what we have to offer and connect with our community members. It’s the first step in working toward the successes your greatest role models have achieved for themselves.

We’re grateful that you’ve found your way into our NION tribe and we’re excited to welcome you into our community.

This is Nick Onken, and you’re tuned in to NIONlife.

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